Sixdegrees Exhibits & Interiors Solutions Sdn Bhd

I ntegrity
A ccountability
P assion
R espect
S atisfaction

SIXDEGREES SOLUTIONS was founded by Brian Long in 2003 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Started as a one-man-office, slowly we grew into a small team and eventually in 2008, the Company formed into what we are known today as SIXDEGREES EXHIBITS & INTERIORS SOLUTIONS SDN BHD, a design and build company that focuses in exhibition stands, interior architecture and events.

Our vision is to be a regionally recognised company that sets the benchmark for design and build quality in the exhibition stands, interior architecture and events industry in South East Asia.

We believe in delivering happiness in every project that we undertake, starting with the first meeting with our clients all the way to completion and deliver of every project. Each project completed and delivered successfully is our main priority. Happiness of our clients are what keeps us motivated to be better at our work.